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Putting ourselves in pole position

Speed, agility, and the drive to succeed.

As we’re prone to mention, our size, flexibility and adaptability really are some our key strengths. It means – as in this case – we can quickly respond to a creative challenge and get a project moving, fast.

We were recently approached by an international brand (through a well-known contact) who had a sponsorship agreement with a leading motorsport team – and a looming deadline.

Unfortunately their internal team were managing another sizeable project at the same time, so they turned to us to quickly drop in and concept, organise and produce the entire project. The brief was simple.

‘Capture as much engaging content as possible in 3hrs with the current world champion – we’d like to see some initial ideas in 48hrs. Go!’

In situations like this, it’s obviously important to create engaging and entertaining short form content, but with limited access to such a high profile figure, the volume of assets is also important. We responded with a range
of ideas and an ambitious schedule that demanded the shoot ran like a well oiled machine. The client was impressed but worried it was overly ambitious –  we reassured them that we could achieve everything we said we could!

Cardician playing with cards viewed through preview monitor
Show dancers on set viewed through preview monitor

With only 2 weeks for pre-production, the sizeable shoot involved many moving parts, included a cast of 12 and a crew of 30. The shoot was a resounding success, with the star suitably well worked and entertained over the course of three hours, with the first assets delivered on-time just one week later. 

Sadly this content isn’t live just yet, however we’ll update this post with content once we can share.