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Small but powerful:
What exactly is a micro-agency?

Two creatives branstorming ideas whilst sat on and beside a giant pencil

Micro-agency – sounds good right? But it doesn’t just mean that we’re not very big, far from it.

Many small agencies rely on a team of generalist individuals. Larger ones boast high numbers of staff and usually come with lots of hierarchy, process and overheads!

The micro-agency model is different – built around a core team of individuals who have the knowledge and experience to deliver effective solutions faster.

Agencies often build teams that service a single or limited number of clients, who in turn benefit from a group of individuals who get to know their product or services well, forging strong working relationships with people who they can trust. 

The micro-agency takes this principle and refines it further. Rather than drawing solely on internal resource, we employ our experience of the production company way of working, drawing upon a black book of exceptional freelancers built up over the past 20 years. This means that we can ensure each project has the right people – cherry picked for the task – working on it. Additionally, it means that different thoughts and perspectives are brought to the table.

Embracing innovation and being open to challenge in this way is a well-known attribute of many high-performing teams. In our line of work we believe it encourages new ideas and brings fresh thinking in to the mix.

Our clients benefit from the reassurance of hands-on project management, and creative ownership from a dedicated team that delivers compelling and effective solutions time and again. Coupled with purposefully streamlined processes, our diminutive footprint means we can respond swiftly to project requirements and tight deadlines.


So there you have it, the fundamentals of a micro-agency, in a micro(ish) article.