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Staying current through collaboration

A Cameleon with lightening bolt face paint sit atop of a raygun

Learning from the master chameleon

We’re big fans of Bowie at Apogee. Well at least the person writing this article is – hopefully you are too – so stay with me.

The way our business is modelled affords us a great deal of flexibility, especially with the teams that we structure around projects. It allows us to be nimble and responsive, but also liberates us to work with a variety of different people that bring different ideas and perspectives to the table. This concept is one adopted by many, including athletes, artists and musicians. 

David Bowie was a musical chameleon who continually reinvented himself over the decades. His ability to adapt and evolve his style through collaboration allowed him to remain a relevant figure in the ever-changing music landscape. Everyone has a favourite Bowie persona or Bowie album. 

Whether it was the avant-garde experimentation with Brian Eno during the Berlin years or the pop-infused hits with Nile Rodgers on ‘Let’s Dance’, Bowie consistently pushed the boundaries of what was expected of him as an artist.

Bowie recognised the value of different perspectives and ideas, which is why he sought out artists from diverse backgrounds.

He collaborated with American soul musicians on his “Young Americans” album, which showcased his ability to fuse rock with R&B, creating a sound that resonated with a broader audience. It was his willingness to incorporate various influences that kept him fresh and engaging.

Granted, not all of his experiments worked out, but he never shied away from exploring new horizons, embracing different styles, and challenging conventions.

In our humble opinion pursuing creative evolution through collaboration can only be a good thing – let’s all be a bit more Bowie.

Ps. This authors fave Bowie album – The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.